We’ve created the playful hoodie, for the little person.

In 2019, while on maternity leave, Jacqui Lau, who is now a mother of two, was in search of the perfect gift for kids - a one of a kind garment that was not only functional but also comfortable and stylish.

Despite her efforts to find it, she couldn’t quite find what she was looking for.

Consequently, she decided to create it herself. 

She wanted to create something that would be cherished, something that felt familiar, yet something that could be experienced a little differently.

She landed on the hoodie: the ideal piece for standing out, while still being tucked in.

To make it truly distinctive, she decided to collaborate with talented, like-minded artists to transform this universal wardrobe staple into something imaginative for your little people.


Thanks to all BABES IN HOODS artists who have generously donated their talent to create these cherished garments.